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Anonymous asked:

Firstly, not a friend of hers. Secondly, slut shaming is wrong. Thirdly, you're sinking just as low if you're using similar tactics as hers. You need to man the fuck up and just ignore her, forget her. Stop giving her time and energy.

Ok, whatever anon. Well I didn’t want to say this in the last answer, BUT last I heard she was seeing more than one guy at the same time… So her actions will always speak louder than my words any day. I did one post, sue me. It’s not like I actually care about her like that anymore. I use to try and be her friend, hell even now I say good morning to her and I took her home the other day because I’m a nice person. She has yet to move on and accept what has happened. I treat her the same as anyone else, no extra time or energy. She spends more time and energy giving me dirties than anything else. Also why would you care anon? You obviously have something against me OR have something for Diana, OR you are Diana. There is no point hiding you coward! Face me, or run away and blame everything on me, just like Diana use to do…

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